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Tiffany knows her stuff! She's a hiring expert with years of experience in knowing what it takes to dazzle an employer. Her enthusiasm and support leave you believing that you really can achieve the goals you thought were just daydreams. 

- Sue

Tiffany is a beautiful person and amazing coach. She has been a light in a dark time for me with my husband recovering from addiction issues. She has guided me to lean into Jesus and been an encouraging voice in my life! I never felt judged or told what to do, which has been a breath of fresh air. She listens well and gives wisdom without being preachy. I am so grateful for her voice in my life. 


Tiffany has a heart for others and meets them in the midst of their journey. She welcomes you with open arms, knowing that what you are going through is real. She will be there to help support and guide you through every step. With her guidance, I have learned more about myself and how to better invest in my relationships. I am incredibly grateful for her sincerity and insight. 

- Kiona

Dry Plants

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured
by the compassionate actions of it's members.

Coretta Scott King 

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